Humanitarian for Empowerment

Driving a pathway towards autonomy

The Humanitarian For Empowerment association is an independent Swiss, non-profit humanitarian association which aims to promote empowerment to populations in need, around the world through training, qualification and monitoring by specialists in the fields of social order (health, education…).

HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment and Hôtel des Horlogers are excited to announce the first JournalClub Circle, a free event where you can come and discuss current affairs with other like-minded people. Sophie Vouzelaud will be out first invitee.

**What is the Journal Club Circle?**

The Journal Club Circle is a space for people to come together and share their thoughts on current events. Each session will be led by a different expert, who will share their insights and experiences. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and challenge your own perspectives.

**Who should attend?**

The Journal Club Circle is open to everyone, regardless of your background or experience. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting to learn about current events, we encourage you to come and join us.

Gala 2023

Please join us in supporting our humanitarian cause by attending our prestigious HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment gala dinner on the 7th of October at the Grand Hotel Majestic in Montreux.

Medical & Surgical devices sent to Ukraine
Rs 3.8
Laparoscopic devices donated to Mauritian authorities.
> 75
Ukrainian families relocated in individual fully furnished homes.
HFE international branches created
> 250
Medical humanitarian aid sent globally.

Exciting News from HFE

🌟 Exciting News from HFE - Humanitarian for Empowerment (HFE) 🌟 Thrilled to share that Dr. John McManus, Orthopedic surgeon, Head of the Surgical Commission at HFE, had the pleasure of announcing the upcoming HFE Award! 🏆 This prestigious accolade is set to honor a...

Le prestigieux Palm Dominique Bosson 

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment attribue le prestigieux Palm Dominique Bosson à Jaeger-LeCoultre

Exciting Announcement from the HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment !

We are thrilled to share a momentous occasion – the President of Humanitarian for Empowerment,

Humanitarian for Empowerment Foundation Stands with GlobalHumanitarian Leaders in Urgent Plea for ImmediateHumanitarian Ceasefire

Humanitarian for Empowerment Foundation Stands with Global
Humanitarian Leaders in Urgent Plea for Immediate
Humanitarian Ceasefire

Le prestigieux Prix HFE

HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment est fier d’annoncer que le prestigieux Prix HFE Diamant a été attribué à Monsieur Henry Berney,

Exciting News! 

Mrs. Kateryna NAIKEN our dedicated welfare and social activist, and co-founder of HFE – Humanitarian for Empowerment is thrilled to announce the winner of the prestigious HFE Diamant.

Annonce spéciale HFE 

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que le prestigieux prix HFE Platine est décerné à @dufour philip et son épouse Elisabeth et Romain Gauthier et @ana Gauthier de la Manufacture Romain Gauthier !

Notre co-fondatrice

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que notre co-fondatrice et responsable de l’événementiel, Mme patrizia clementi bosson,

Le Prix de la HFE

Monsieur Pierre Dubois et la Manufacture Dubois Dépraz SA méritent pleinement le Prix de la HFE OR pour leurs engagements sans faille en faveur de l’intégration des ressortissants ukrainiens dans notre communauté.

Notre responsable financier, Monsieur Raphaël Bosson

Notre responsable financier, Monsieur Raphaël Bosson, CWMA, CIWM® a eu l’honneur de décerner le prix HFE régional.