Our Core Values

Mission («core focus»)

Philisophy of the HFE
Promote a new concept in humanitarian sector to empower and render people/ organisation/ entities fully autonomous.

Values («core values»)
  1. Empower people in pre- and post-crisis situation
  2. Provide education which will stabilize and render autonomous in post crisis situation.
  3. Expand medical up-to-date knowledge to developing countries.
  4. Render sustainable any charitable projects in the long-run and eventually totally autonomous.
  5. Through experience gained, our members will nurture leadership capabilities and thus play integralpart in the society.
Specificites («Unique Selling Proposition»)


Target  (Developing countries → Specific clinics, Area Health centers our Community Health centers, Medical Universities, Nursing School, NGO.

Avantages / specificities of the HFE  :

  1.  Swiss up-to-date medical knowledge and know-how.
  2.  Members within a wide range of medical specialties.
  3. Concept and philosophy to empower.

Our guarantee to our partners :

Guarantee to create a pathway towards autonomy and an auto-financing sustainable entity.

Strategic Vision in 10 years

 Expand globally our philosophy and concept of humanitarian help.

  1. Create branches of the HFE in collaborating countries.
  2.  Earning recognition in the humanitarian sector.
  3.  Partnership with the United nation or any other international entity  for coordination of humanitarian affairs .
  4.  HFE to become a mainstream vector in the field of humanitarian empowerment and affairs.